Always Drink Responsibly

12 February 2013

Launch of The Local Libation!

Welcome to The Local Libation! Our mission? To share with you some of the best tasting yet affordable-for-the-average-Jane alcoholic beverages crafted right here in the Pacific Northwest. If you are seeking to discover a new beverage, whether it be by keg or by bottle, or are hoping to find a new brewery or winery to try without having to read an exhausting review containing all that eloquent jargon then, my friend, you have come to the right place! Simple. Honest. Local. Libation.

As with most brilliant ideas the concept for this blog occurred while drinking. It occurred to me while enjoying a second hearty glass of my favorite mead in front of a fire on an average January night in Woodinville (more on the mead later). Self, I thought- we have an abundance of delectable beers and wines being crafted daily within a short radius of Seattle. Yet most of these hidden gems are discovered by happenstance or word of mouth, and newbies often feel intimidated by the whole wine business. What if... we start a condensed blog of recommendations, reviews and upcoming events for locals who enjoy drinking without feeling they need to carry a wine bible or dictionary just to find the words for the taste in their glass. A blog easily accessible anytime to read a quick review or recommendation for delicious beverages that are affordable and locally available. A blog offering the location of a brewery or tasting room that is friendly and inviting without the uppity intimidation that sometimes accompanies a first-time wine tasting in certain establishments. (In other words, if you're a traditionalist and know your Wine Enthusiasts' 90+ point wines inside and out, this blog may leave a corked taste in your mouth.) 

Aspirations for the blog are to post a new item each week to start, with more postings per week as we progress. Preferably, multiple authors will contribute to the blog from various aspects of the brew. We will have reviews, recommendations, places you should check out- all in layman's terms and all affordably priced within the Greater Seattle area. Because we aren't experts- we are people who like to drink just like you!

So here we are. Mission is stated. Whether it is accomplished, time will tell. Let the journey of taste buds begin!...

Now about that mead... stay tuned for the next post!