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13 March 2013

LL's Pick of the Week - àMaurice Syrah (2006)

There's a plethora to be said for the unparalleled quality of wine you often find in smaller scale, family owned wineries run by talent that combines traditional knowledge with unhindered creativity. Our pick of the week recommends such a place and such a wine - àMaurice from Walla Walla.

An odd name you may think, unless you know your French - "to Maurice" is its meaning; an homage to a revered ancestor of the family.

I was fortunate to try the 2006 vintage of àMaurice Syrah recently and fell in love. It's smooth and fruit forward with a berry nose and very cherry to the taste. Being a huge cherry fan, I felt a little tease for summer as it was reminiscent of bowl-fulls of bing cherries.

But that was my experience. Therefore, 1. Since we all pick up slightly different characteristics (and isn't that the joy of wine anyhow?) and 2. I am by no means a well versed sommelier (give me time, I'm working on it!) I shall keep this to layman's terms and refrain from going on and on attempting to describe how it tasted to me. At the end of the day, I will say, if you have the chance try àMaurice Syrah or any varietal from their cellars. They're receiving continued accolades, most recently 2012 Seattle Magazine winemaker to watch. And if perchance you find yourself in Walla Walla, stop in, taste, and share with us what you experienced.

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