Always Drink Responsibly

29 March 2013

Brewers Cask Festival Saturday at Seattle Center

The Washington Brewers Guild annual Cask Festival is this Saturday, March 30th, at Seattle Center. Tickets recently sold out for both the morning and afternoon sessions. However, if you were fortunate enough to get your tickets well in advance you're in for a fantastic lineup with some tasty brews! If you're missing out this year like I am, check out the lineup listed below anyway for breweries you may want to visit during Seattle beer week in May (or any time really).

Looking at the list of brews, I see one of my favorites in recent memory- I highly, highly recommend trying "La Petite Mort" from Black Raven. It's a Bourbon Barrel Belgian Dark Ale. (Say that 10 times fast. Better yet, try saying it 10 times fast after drinking it!)

If you're attending, email us your favorites- let everyone know the best of current local brews!

Whatever your libation this Easter weekend, enjoy the sunshine! We will be on San Juan Island, searching for some local beer and wine there. Will report back Monday!