Always Drink Responsibly

12 March 2013

Wine Is...

Wine is
A tiramisu
An only friend on a Saturday night
A companion to end the work day
Catching up with long lost friends
Intimately forgotten by the fireplace
Wine is
A toast
Love that has just wed
Life that was well lived
The used to be's and dearly departed's
All that has yet to come
Wine is
A moment
Nervously sipped when eyes meet
Dancing carefree in the living room
Momentarily letting go of the past
Tasted on the lips of a lover's first kiss
Wine is
A living thing
Breathing and aging as we do
Subjective to the time and place
Drifting into the past as days go on
Resurrecting where present and future meet
Wine is
Not pretentious
(Only people can be)
It is
Whatever you wish it to be
Whenever the cork is pulled
You haven't just opened a bottle
Good, bad or indifferent
You've just created a memory.