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19 April 2013

Insider Tip - Don't Miss Out on Passport to Woodinville 2013!

This weekend, April 20th & 21st, is Passport to Woodinville 2013. If you've seen the ads and visited the link, you know that tickets are $65 for Sunday only and $75 for Saturday and Sunday. For those on a budget this may be off-putting, but you don't have to miss it completely, and here's how...

An inside source tells Local Libation that you can still partake in the festivities this weekend without a ticket- just be sure to bring your own glass. Unlike Taste Washington, which is a gathering of multiple wineries under one roof, Passport to Woodinville takes place all over the town. As you would any other weekend, you have to choose which tasting rooms you want to visit and go to those locations. Participating Wineries (shown below) pour you a free tasting if you have your Passport tickets and issued glass. However, you can pay for the tastings as you go (often waived with bottle purchase) - and if they're feeling generous, most establishments will pour for free simply because it is Passport weekend. Even if you end up paying the tasting fee, if you only plan on visiting 3 or 4 wineries, you're still going to pay less than the Passport ticket price. Food for thought for those on a budget.

See you out there this weekend! Cheers!

Participating Passport to Woodinville Wineries