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21 June 2013

Recap of 11th Annual Rosé Revival & Cool Whites at Ray's Boathouse - Winners & Top Picks

Yesterday evening provided a breezy & beautiful backdrop on the Puget Sound for sampling 33 local wineries offering their Rosé and Whites at the 11th Annual Rosé Revival & Cool Whites at Ray's Boathouse hosted by Wine World & Spirits and benefiting Save Our Wild Salmon.

I put my palate to the test as I was one of ten judges given the challenging yet oh-so-rewarding task of tasting and ranking approximately 60 or so wines. Spitting was obviously key with so many vinos on the ballot. Coming from a consumer rather than a Sommelier background, I found the opportunity to judge an amazing educational experience for my senses. I found that comparisons became easier to make the more wines I tasted. For example, noticing how the same varietal from one winery compared with the same varietal at another and making out the subtle differences. Although I couldn't always pinpoint a specific flavor or aroma, I was able to distinguish broader characteristics and categories- sweetness, acidity, balance, fruit, floral, temperature- proof positive to me that anyone's palate has the potential to develop over time the more one tastes. I managed to just complete my tasting in the 2.5 hours allotted for judging- whew!

I offer you now my top picks followed by the list of official winners. I encourage you to venture out and taste these incredible wines!

LL's Top Picks - Rosé
  • Gecko 2012 Barbera Rosé (Woodinville)
  • Bartholomew 2012 Rosé (Seattle)
  • Robert Ramsay 2012 Columbia Valley Rosé (Woodinville)
  • Stottle 2012 Rosé of Sangiovese (West Seattle)
  • Obelisco 2012 Cabernet Rosé (Woodinville)
  • Davenport 2012 Rosé de Vins (Woodinville)
  • Efeste 2011 Babbit Rosé (Woodinville)
  • Lodmell 2011 Estate Saignee (Walla Walla)
  • Naches Heights NHV 2012 Vuja De Rosé (Yakima)
  • Patterson Cellars 2012 Rosé (Woodinville)

 LL's Top Picks - White
  • Piccola 2011 Pinot Gris (Woodinville)
  • Convergence Zone, both the Dewpoint Reisling & Chenin Blanc (Woodinville)
  • Ott & Murphy 2011 L'Entente Blanc (Langley)
  • Smasne Aligoté (Woodinville) 
  • Dessert wines: Smasne Orange Muscat, Davenport Orange Muscat & Arido Argentinian Moscato

And the winners are...
Photo courtesy of Seattle Uncorked
1st – 2012 Obelisco Estate Cabernet Rosé
2nd – 2011 Lodmell Estate Saignee
3rd (Tie) 2012 Bartholomew Rosé
3rd (Tie) 2012 Kaella Rosé of Sangiovese

3rd (Tie) 2012 Robert Ramsay Columbia Valley Rose’

1st – 2011 Ott & Murphy L’Entente Blanc (Marsanne & Grenache)
2nd – 2012 Convergence Zone Sunbreak Chenin Blanc

3rd (Tie) 2011 Smasne Aligoté 
3rd (Tie) 2012 DiStefano Sauvignon Blanc

What a way to welcome Summer- bring on the BBQ & the Rosé!