Always Drink Responsibly

10 November 2013

Guest Blogger: A Consumer's Review of City Fruit Cider Tasting Fundraiser

My friend Leah invited me to go to a Cider Tasting Fundraiser for City Fruit (, last Thursday. They are a local organization that works to reclaim urban orchards, show people how to harvest and use what they need, and to share the rest.
We met up at Little Uncle in Pioneer Square. It serves Thai street food in a very cute place, and the food was just perfect for the tastings.
We started with two selections from Tieton Cider: Cider Makers Reserve, and Holiday Cheer. The Reserve is aged in burbon casks, and has that nice mellow taste, not sweet, with vanilla and a bit of fruit, which goes well with the apples. A must buy on my list.
The 2nd sample was the Holiday Cheer - the pourer called it "an apple pie in a glass." And it was. Sweeter than the Reserve, with the cinnamon and spices that come with holiday foods. I really liked this, Leah thought it was too sweet. A special occasion buy. 
We moved on to the Snowdrift Ciders; they were offering two, a Dry English Style, and a New England Style. The New England Style was a bit dry, with a nice after taste. I caught some honey and caramel, but not overwhelming. The Dry English was dryer, but had a round flavor. I would get either (or both) of these for home.
The Alpenfire tastings were Pirate's Plank - dry, hoppy - that I did not like; and Spark, a light crisp drink. What a contrast.
Finn River had their Habanero Cider - habanero chilies and apple - which is a no go for me. But the Black Current is always a favorite - a nice finish to any event.